Monday, June 23, 2014

Another week gone and another week to come!
This past week has been easier and more enjoyable. I'm more use to the culture here in Malawi, and most things don't surprise me anymore. But of course sticking out will not go away. I don't think I could count how many times little children yell "Azungo Bo!!" (White person hello!) a day, and each child screams it until you are out of their site. Just this past week I had another drunk guy say to me as we were walking to the minibus to take us home "you you girl... you are gorgeous you are fine girl" You just learn to laugh at it and know you won't ever be a celebrity like this in your whole life.
The work is going well. I still feel completely inadequate to be a missionary and to teach, but I am learning little by little. I am just trying to speak up and teach! This past week we taught this man named Melvin and does he know his bible. He didn't understand that we were teaching about our church but thought it was bible study. So as we tried to go through the restoration with him it just kept veering towards bible study. But definitely not bible bashing with him.
We also have another investigator name Thoko. She is so great! She has a baptismal date for July 6 and keeps progressing. We will give her a pamphlet to read for the next time we come and she ends up just teaching us from what she has learned. We also just talked to her about tithing and fast offerings with her yesterday, and she basically bore her testimony at the end of how important tithing is because of her sister's example who is a member.
Just a quick update on our area... There is Soche... or otherwise known as Soche Mountain... we are climbing all day if we go to that area. This is probably the poorest area. But we have a lot of dedicated members there and the community is so close that through one family we can get alot of families to teach. My favorite members there are the Banda Family. They have been members for about 3 years and are so committed to the church. With the little money they have, they were able to go to the temple and be sealed. They are so strong and are an example to so many!
Soche East is our richest area... but probably still poorer than most of Blantyre. But we have a great family that is interested in the church and really want to know if the book of Mormon is true.
Zingwanga/Chimwakuna: Poor area too but many that are interested. I am still so shocked by how many people want to talk to us. Sometimes its cause I'm white but really some want to hear our message.

Food is hard for me. Nsima really makes me sick so I don't know what to do when members offer it to us. And just this past week a member fixed duck for us.. but my companion told them my stomach was sick so I didn't have to eat it.
Thank you for all the letters and support!! I dream of being home and eating a cafe rio salad all the time!

This little girl loved wearing Anna's backpack!

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