Thursday, June 5, 2014

Can you believe I am here in South Africa. Neither can I, cause I have been stuck in the mtc for what seems like a month and haven't really seen Africa. Time goes so slow but everything is going great! I am so excited to be here and learn but also so excited to get out of here and be in the field.
So I am here with 17 missionaries. There are 2 going to the Botswana mission, 1 to Uganda, 5 to Zambia and the rest to Johannesburg. There are only 3 missionaries from the U.S., 2 from U.K., 1 from Finland and the rest from Africa. Everyone is so fun and cool to be with. Especially the African missionaries are soo funny. They all like to joke around and have fun. So many quotes.
Elder N (not sure I spelt that right) said "I want to marry a white girl from Utah so I have a better chance of getting into the celestial kingdom, because everything is white there" (He also seems like the most innocent that are here so it's so funny)
Elder M from Tahiti: " There are only 3 important things in life 1. Religion, 2. workout, 3. Girlfriend"
Anyways my companions are great. I am in a 3 some with Sister M from South Africa, and Sister Q from Ghana. They both loooove to sing and I'm over here like.... please just stop for like 5 minutes. And one of them is just so different from me it is so hard. They both believe in "African time" so being 15 minutes late is okay with them. But we all get along fine.
The teachers here are so great and we learn so much from them. Also teaching our 2 "investigators' helps a lot. I've learn a lot about how to begin teaching and how important that is. And with 3 of us, transition is really hard.
The food is getting better here. At the beginning I would rarely eat what was given but it has gotten better and more Americanized. What is more funny I think is that my companion from Ghana won't eat any food but all the Africans think any food is good. We also have snack time right before bed every night and I have learned to love peanut butter.
We also have sports time everyday so that is really nice to get out and enjoy it. But it's not cold here but its not warm at all. So I'm always cold and wearing a jacket.
We did get to go the Johannesburg temple which was really cool. It was an hour drive away so we did get to look out of the car and it was all intersting to look out. All the houses have at least a fence and you can tell the rich people that have an electric fence too. 5 of the missionaries hadn't gone through and 1 of them was my companion. The temple was so small and cute. I loved going.
We also just went to the market about an hour ago for prepartion day and bought some chocolates which was fun. And of course all the people who went to the market were all the white people.
Anyways I don't know what else to say! I am doing great but can't wait to get out to Zambia. Only 4 ish more days and it can't seem to come soon enough. I've learned so much and can't wait for all that I will get to do and serve. I am trying my best to be "a consecrated missionary" and I've have just learn how being obedient and working hard that days are better and more enjoyable.
Thanks for all the support!!

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