Monday, July 28, 2014

 Maduzka Azungu!
This week has been really good with lots of memories and my first ZERO of investigators at church. Super frustrating especially when our branch goal is to split before 2015. We have a lot of work ahead of us.
Monday we got together as a zone and played some soccer. It was super fun  and nice to just spend time to relax and enjoy each others company. As we got in our area to proselyte for a total of 30 minutes ( we have to be in our area by 5 but as sisters we have to be home by 6 so we leave our area around 5:15-5:30) it started down pouring. We tried to find any member/ investigator close to let us in.
As we were walking home we realized that all our clothes were out on the rack to dry and that they would be drenched. But as we walked through the gate we couldn't find our clothes there. But just then we started hearing the guards running towards us with our clothes. They went and got them when it started raining! Our guards are seriously the sweetest guards ever in Malawi.
Wednesday was quite interesting as well. It was about 10 o'clock and we were ready to leave our apartment. We put the key in the lock for a gate outside our door and the key would not unlock it. Our district leaders came by and tried to unlock it, but it would not unlock. Then the senior couple came over with WD-40 to try to unlock it and it would do anything. By this time it was around 1. They had to have a member come over with a drill saw to cut the lock. And eventually we left our apartment at 2. We were thinking through out the whole time that if there was fire, there was no way for us to get out. We were going to die inside our apartment.
But once we eventually got outside our apartment we met this awesome guy named Kundwani Williams very high up on mountain soche. The first thing he said to us was "yeah i use to be a member of that church", comes to find out he was being taught by the elders, had a baptismal date, was coming to church and everything, but then it sounded like the area got white-washed and the missionaries lost contact with him. We were able to have a short lesson with him and explained his favorite part of the Book of Mormon and how he loves to read it and invited him to be baptized!
Saturday I was able to have my first african sugar cane. Basically i feel like a true african now... hopefully i will be able to send a picture of me eating it!
My daily routine:
6:30 wake up
personal study
12-week program (for my first 12 weeks)
leave home and get on a minibus to our area
teach and preach the awesome gospel
start heading home
plan for tomorrow
companion study
7:30 ish
and then anything i need to do until 10:30 bed
stores: we shop at Shoprite every monday for food and its basically the walmart of africa.
animals: the most exoctic animals i've seen are monkeys. Most mornings we seen monkeys play on the trees next to us.
language is getting better. I can do grettings and am learning little words here and there.
Anyways I hope all is well in zion! You can be Zion but my area, Zingwangwa, is considered the Promised Land.
-Sister Rasband

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