Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Independence from the British!!! Malawi celebrated their 50 years of independence from England yesterday.
It has been a slower week this week, no one is home, and lots of walking to appointments that end up canceled. But what else describes a mission.
We had a baptism this week for Sister Thoko. Man, is she the coolest strongest girl and I am so excited for her. Pictures will be attached. But now that she is baptized, we are going to have to work really hard to get even one investigator to church. Our area really is slowing down and we are just trying to find new families to teach but it is so hard for people to keep commitments.
Awhile ago my companion contacted this girl named Rashiwe and we set a time to go see her. The lesson was going really well, she was agreeing with what we were saying and it was just good. But we started talking about Joseph smith. I was explaining James 1:5 and I asked her what she would do if she was in his position? And she says "I wouldn't ask. There is no one true church. Church doesn't save you. I'm not confused" Later she talks about how there are many ways of baptism and how are you suppose to know which one is right" and so we explain that's exactly how Joseph smith felt and prayed. We explained the vision and she straight says "yeah yeah. that happened. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came and baptized Joseph. That's how I was baptized."
Anyways we quickly ended the lesson and tried to leave the Book of Mormon and she absolutely refused. What a great lesson!
The drunk men here are so entertaining.. this past week we were in a market talking to a member and this drunk man comes up to us and starts talking to me. My companion tries to say something and he goes "no. I don't want to talk to you. I only want to talk to her." He follows us for a good 5 minutes and just wouldn't leave us alone. He continues talking about "you are gorgeous girl. you are fine. I want to marry you. take me to America", and so on. But don't worry, we had a return missionary from our branch with us.
We have a lot of potential investigators and we are continuing trying to work with them. I am still amazed with how interested people are with our message. But its so hard to help them understand we aren't just there to talk about Christ or have bible study.
It says in my  blessing to pray everyday to have the courage and testimony to fulfill the covenants I made with my Heavenly Father. Honestly it just makes me realize how much my Heavenly Father knows me and my pat blessing is just for me. I pray for it everyday and I see it help!
Anyways the work is continuing! Malawi is coming along and the time is already going quick! I am so grateful for you all and love you!
-Sister Rasband

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