Monday, July 14, 2014

Hello America (because when people ask where your from, you say America, they don't understand "The States" or even "The United States". But as much you are enjoying your hot summer, I am enjoying wearing tights and a jacket almost everyday. I don't know if I am hoping for summer or scared for it.
On Monday, we had to say goodbye to Sister Scott and Sister Mbele the two sisters who were in our flat. They are both headed to Zambia, one in Lusaka and the other in the Copperbelt. In celebration we went to KFC. By far the nicest KFC I've ever seen, and so good. So sad to see them leave and quite depressing at times to be the only sisters in our flat.
Tuesday we had a great Zone meeting! We talked about how opposition is in all thing. There has been seeming to be a lot of opposition in this zone and that when opposition comes know that their will be very good days soon. It just takes faith and hard work to get to those days. "If you aren't feeling opposition, then ask yourself if your are too comfortable in your area"
I also loved what the STL's said " I am so grateful for being in the path that Heavenly Father wants me to be in" and I have really tried to incorporate that in to my life and mission.
Wednesday we had a great lesson with someone we meet that day. We had planned on going to teach this man but he ended up not being home. We talked to his neighbor and invited us to come in after being very apprehensive. That first lesson we had was completely directed by the spirit. As we were able to discern his needs and the struggles in his life, he was very open and talked about how he felt abandoned by God. As we continued to just talk to him and share our testimony he said at the the end "I really want to meet with you guys again, I really like what you have brought into my home". Its lessons like those that really keep you going and love the work you are doing!
After having such good lessons and really having faith that investigators would come to church, we ended up having 0. It is really frustrating and hard. We feel as if we are doing all we can but they have their agency, and don't want to come. It is the hardest thing lately for us is just having our investigators not keep their commitments.
But we were able to have dinner at Sister Thoko's house last night, and man was it a good meal.  There was no nsima, no beans, no unknown meat! We helped cook some sausage with rice and soup and there even was salad.. they don't do salads in Africa. It was so good.
The last noteworthy thing that happened this week was my companion and I were sitting in a minibus waiting to go to our area and this man sees me and come us to the minibus full of people.
HI. How are you?
Where are you From?
 You are beautiful
You know... I learned English so that I could talk to beautiful women like you
The next time I see you, you take me to America
Ya know, when I see you, I am seeing the heavens
And everyone in the minibus was just bursting with laughter. So for all those girls who have low self-esteem, come to Africa, because you will be a celebrity and every man will love you.
But I am just so grateful to be a missionary, and to be serving these people in Malawi. They are so great and fun to be with.
Anyways hope everything is going well in Zion. Eat at cafe rio/ in-n-out/and really any American food for me!!
-Sister Rasband

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