Monday, August 18, 2014

A very slooow week!
Monday after we had zone activity and watched huge monkeys climb trees, I went home and started feeling really sick. My companion and I had the flu and that took us out of our area on Tuesday.
Because we were regaining our strength, we had a really slow week and weren't able to meet with too many people.
Friday we were able to work with Sister Mercy. She had just been baptized on Sunday and wants to go on a mission so badly! She is so great and she loved working with us.
That day, I was able to see my first snake in Africa. It was a skinny snake, but probably one of the longest snakes i see. It was right next to a members home named Br. S. He is a very old man and lives alone. but he kept saying to us, don't kill the snake. it says in the bible to not kill animals. But this random man came with a stone and started throwing it at snake for a good 10 minutes until it was dead. So funny to watch. And then after Br. S told us to go home and repent for killing the snake. He was dead serious. It was so funny!
Yesterday after teaching Br. N who has a baptismal date for Sept 7, we were running late to be home by 6. As we were trying to pass all these people I misplaced my foot in a hole and sprained my ankle. It is really swollen and I can't really walk right now but all is well!
My companion was talking to a member in the branch that night and after he heard that I had sprained my ankle he goes "Who was grabbing her? I will find the man and kill him." Haha it so nice that the members of the branch care for me.
I hope all is well in zion! I can't believe it is time for school to start again! Love you all!
-Sister Rasband

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