Monday, August 4, 2014

I truly think i have hit the highest number of drunks yelling at me or men always saying "Hey baby". So i must be looking real good this week. Haha
A slower week and not much to say.
Soche is coming along that is for sure. The goal for our branch was to split by July, but we didn't have the numbers to accomplish it. But we definitely see the need to spend more time in Soche even though we are suppose to spend more of our time in centers of strength (areas close to meeting house). The two days we were able to spend there we were able to see what the lord has in store for these people. Every person that we came in contact with were either less- actives, or people who continued to say "Oh i was taught by missionaries before". Its crazy how the lord shows he is ready for the work to move along in Soche. I hope to be able to stay here long enough to see the branch split in two.

Not much else to say. President has said to all missionaries that we are reaching 100 missionaries at the end of this month, and that new proselyting areas and zones are coming are way. Its an amazing time to be serving the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission and I can't wait to see the growth!
Love and miss you all!

 This is Memory. We work with her a lot because she is a branch missionary. and we can't teach a male with out another female present.everyone's name here is like a real word.. not just names. Or they have Chichewa names that are real words. like comfort, conscious, happy, joy, hope and so on."

 Eating Sugarcane!

 Monkeys out Anna's flat.

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