Monday, August 11, 2014

What are lessons like?
Lessons range in a wide variety. Half of our lessons will be outside peoples "home" sitting on the ground, and the other half will be inside, sitting on couches if they have them. If the people speak English... that is very good English... we can have a great lesson and teach them whatever. Some people will be very interested in our message, and then we have a lot of people who know their bibles... If the people speak Chichewa, then we have to have a translator, but my companion speaks the language pretty well.  This past week we were teaching a man who had lots of questions especially about the responsibility in church. But we asked him to pray and i had never heard a prayer like it before.... 5 minutes basically screaming chichewa and there was no room in his prayer to breathe. it definitely was something.
Soche East is the only nice town in my area. They will have a nice living room, kitchen, and a gate. But the rest of my area isn't that nice.. Homes are size of our living room and all the homes are made of concrete or brick. Really humbly to see these people with that little but yet are so happy. One of my favorite family of the branch lives in the such a small home. their bedroom is their living room, and the kitchen. but yet they are incredibly happy.
We meet in a little meetinghouse that is suppose to start at 8 am but it doesn't start until 8:30. There is a translator for sacrament meeting and for the other meetings the teacher is saying it in English and chichewa. Mostly in relief society, they are translating it in English just for me, but they really want these members to understand English.
This past week we were able to spend time with this great woman named Sis Tsegula. She and her whole family use to be active, her son went on a mission, but her husband kind of went crazy... but we love her. She wanted to teach us how to make donuts so went and made donuts the African way. Africans love their oil though... they deep fry everything

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