Monday, September 8, 2014

Hello my wonderful Azungus!
This past week has been a slower week, a new area, with no progress yet. But definitely trying to find families and those who are prepared to hear the gospel.
We started focusing in Zingwangwa since it is the closest area to the meetinghouse. We decided to go to one family that Sister Komiha had been to before I came. They have a really nice house, very unusual for Zingwangwa. They even got their water from the faucet! But we just watched the Living Christ and then they feed us Nsima. I am slowly but surely starting to get use to it.
Had baptismal interview for Br N since it was the last day he would be considered our investigator. The interview went on for quite awhile since he likes to talk. And when he starts talking, he keeps going with so much enthusiasm in his voice he sometimes is scary. His children prepared nsima for all us missionaries (there were 6 of us there), but the elders had to leave. So it was up to my companion and I to eat.
After that the Zone leaders showed us the boundaries to our new area. And they took my favorite place to eat. They sell such good chips (fries). It is only maybe 20 meters from the boundary. So in our handbook it says if we have to leave our area to ask our leader for permission. I asked my brand new district leader and his response was “as the spirit directs”. So yes… I will be eating there.
We ended the day up in Soche since it was our last chance to be there. We went to our favorite members home the B’s. We talked and they fed us Nsima. Of course. We then saw Sis M, and when we told her our news she just started crying! She wouldn’t talk or look at us. I always felt that she never liked me, but she was so sad that we were leaving and was determined that she wouldn’t like the elders as much as us.
We then headed to see the T. They are a less active family that we have been working with a lot. Sister T is so close to coming to church! But once again she was so sad for us to leave. She wanted to feed us Nsima for the last time, but there was no way I could fit more so I am glad that we had to get going anyways!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
These days all seem like a blur to me because they mostly consisted of contacting alllll day. But we were able to meet with Blessings. He has been an investigator since November. He knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and wants to be baptized but won't commit to a date. So we have really been struggling on what to do with him. He also is Seventh Day Adventist so its hard for him to understand Sabbath day. It was a good lesson and he committed to come to church the next day. But… he never came. But just today he called saying sorry he couldn’t come but wanted to meet because he had things he wanted to discuss. I don’t know if its good or bad but I hope he is ready to commit!
Also we contacted these 2 girls by helping them with their water. And they kept saying Dope. It was my first time to here a Malawian say Dope. “Blantyre is Dope”
Br N’s Baptism! We had him and Br S baptized but someone forgot to start filling up the tank. So when it was time to be baptized it wasn’t as full as it should be. Poor Br N, had to be baptized 6 times. It was so shallow that something was always popping out.
After he shared his testimony about how he had been searching for the truth by going to different churches and studying “BIG BOOKS”. He then came across a restoration pamphlet in March. And kept wondering who is this Joseph Smith.  All of his studying about religion would say things against this pamphlet but it sounded right and he believed. Its amazing that he was able to leave behind all his understanding and just have faith in this little pamphlet. It wasn’t until August that he got a Book of Mormon when he met with Sister Komiha and I. I remember our first lesson with him, and anytime he got a chance to speak he would just say I want the Book of Mormon where can I get one.
But if you could have seen this testimony you would all die. When Br N speaks he gets so emotionally involved and finds himself half-yelling. Half of his testimony was jokes here and there and the congregation just cracking up. But I loved what he said at the end,  “I know I have a testimony of Jesus Christ that he lives, and that this Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church, but I know my testimony is so little now to what it will be later in life.” He is so strong and so powerful.
I was also so happy to see his whole family come to church. His wife use to be Muslim, but is now ready to hear the gospel. I am so jealous that the elders get to teach her. One day, I know she will be baptized!
I love this work, I love what I am doing, and I love watching others come unto Christ. Its defiantly hard when my friends are getting engaged, Seahawks season is starting and doing well, and missing you all, but this is where I am suppose to be!

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