Monday, September 1, 2014

I have been transferred.
From Zingwangwa East to Zingwangwa Central. 
Saturday we were coordinating with our branch mission leader and the elders in our branch, who are the Zone leaders. My companion has been in this same area for 10 months and so they are always teasing her about transfers. Elder Parker teasingly said to her "Remind me companion to call Sister Komiha tonight about that thing"... And then 5 hours later we get a call saying we've been transferred.
The mission is growing and the Lord is hastening His work here in Zambia and Malawi. When President Erickson started his mission last July he had 56 missionaries, and now over 100. And because of the increase our small branch in Zingwangwa is getting another set of missionaries. Because of that they have taken 2 cities, Soche and Manja, out of our area and gave it to the elders and we now have Zingwangwa, Chimwakunda, and Margina-moyle. Definitely a hard change for my companion and I. 
Soche and Manja was where all our progressing investigators were and where we were having one baptism planned for this next Sunday. And now it is in all the hands of the Elders. So sad to leave this area. We know that this next week, my companion and I will be knocking on gates and contacting all day to find any potential investigators. 
But we are excited to see the work that will come forth in Zingwangwa Branch and to even see a split in the branch by the end of the year. 
But one good thing about leaving Soche and Manja... I will be fed Nsima less!

Definitely life changing experience. I was talking to one of the members and they were asking what our family does for Christmas... and like what we have for food. I didn't want to say that we have this huge meal, so I just said we get together with my family and eat together. But then he was saying that every Christmas they will save up for rice and chicken. It just makes me so sad cause we eat that all the time like its nothing. But these people are soo happy with just the little amount they have. Very humbling to think of these powerful people.

Not much to talk about from this last week, but things are continuing to do well! I'm grateful for the work and to be here in Malawi.

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