Monday, September 29, 2014

If I thought Utah was hot, then I didn't know what hot was. Because it is hotter than hot here. And everyone keeps feeling sorry for me because they think I come from a cold place that it doesn't get hot in Utah. And I just let them talk because they are right, compared to here, it doesn't get hot at home. October is suppose to be the worst month for weather. So I pray I can make it this next month!
One thing that I've noticed on mission, is just how fast time goes, but you don't even notice it until Saturday night when you realize you are going to church tomorrow. And honestly, I don't have a lot to say because this week went to fast without a lot happening.
We had a lesson with one of our investigators and his 2 friends/co-workers. And we were just talking about the Book of Mormon and how it came about and what it contains. And one of the co-workers just started complaining how there's a book from the American Continent and Jerusalem, so now we need one from Africa. W explained that the bible takes place in some of Africa but it wasn't good enough for him. And so our investigator and his co-workers decided there they they would write their own testament of Jesus Christ so that we have a book from Africa. FAILED.
Blessings. We saw him only once this week. He still hasn't received an answer to his prayer and we told him by practicing his faith by coming to church will help him receive an answer. But he told us that we are no longer allowed to invite him to come to church, that he will come when he comes. He didn't go to his church on Saturday, but also didn't come to our church on Sunday. We are lost on what more we can do with him. Just praying he will recognize the answer!
I am very jealous of you all that you get watch conference this weekend! I won't be able to see it until 1 or 2 weeks after. But I hope you all enjoy listening to the Prophet, apostles and all the speakers!
Love you all so much!
-Sister Rasband

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