Monday, September 22, 2014

Welp guess who came to church this week. Thats right B did.
These week we had been really thinking and praying to know what we need to do and teach him and even going to the lesson, we were confused but just planned to follow up on why he didn't come to church.
At the lesson we asked why do we think we invite you to come to church?
"To learn more about the church and help me be converted"
B wants to follow any commandment given from god because he wants to be saved. And so we explained to him that its even a commandment to go to church every week and keep the sabbath day holy. And then he brought up his concern, "But the sabbath, the sabbath is Saturday". We always knew he was a Seventh Day Adventist but didn't really think it was too much of a problem.
But after explaining to him that this was the day Joseph Smith was revealed to worship on, and even how we don't know that the seventh day was Saturday or Sunday, but we do know that Christ rose on Sunday, he still had a hard time with it.
B knows this is the only true church and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of god but can't relate the two that if he knows that he knows he was revealed to worship on sunday. All we could do was tell him to pray and ask what day is the day for him to worship. But we asked if the answer he got was Wednesday would you worship on wednesday, Yes, if it was on Sunday would you worship on Sunday, and then he just kept quiet.
It is definitely hard for him, he wants to do what God commands and has just grown up being told time and time again that it is Saturday. He also said that this was the only thing holding  him back from being baptized but wants to be baptized because it is a commandment!
Well right now we don't know where he is at. The lesson was on friday, he came to church on Sunday and left before we could talk to him. We've called and he left his phone at a friends, and tried to go to his home to see him this morning, and he wasn't there.
We just pray that he received an answer and is ready to act on it.
Other than that the area is doing better! Finding different people and dropping when they don't keep their commitments.
We are still working the Shawn. He is 17 years old and wants to be baptized. He was on date for the 5th of October but didn't come to church so he won't make that date. He knows the book of Mormon is true and has read half of it, and knows Joseph smith was a prophet, but is a teenager and lies to us a lot.
But all is well in the promised land, Zingwangwa that is.
But if you could all pray that I might be able to find chocolate chips that would be much appreciated. I've heard they are here, but i still have yet to find them.
Love you all!

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