Monday, October 6, 2014

A week actually worth writing about!
I hope you all had a great conference weekend and enjoyed the inspired messages!
We had planned on going to visit our relief society pres who just had a baby. In the four months I have been here she has been to church 0 times. When we got there we found out that the elders had planned on having a FHE with them. So change of plans the 6 missionaries in Zingwangwa Branch came to the Thembo's home and had a great FHE with them! One of the daughters is blind so we ended up playing the game where you have to clap and keep on beat and say your number and then pass to someone else. Safe to say Sister Rasband was always one of the first to get out because we Rasbands are not musically talented and can't keep up with the beat.
We had district meeting and planned to have a member fireside this Saturday. We are asking all members of the branch to bring one friend and we will just tour the meetinghouse and watch the Restoration. We are really hoping it will give us some new investigators.
We had district service up in Soche. First time going to Soche after being transferred out of the area and it was so nice. We helped Br Tella make bricks, the African way. Mixing dirt and water together and putting into molds and them letting them dry all around his home.
We then went home after that cause my comp wasn't feeling well. While she slept I made chocolate chip cookies.  Those cookies have never tasted sooo good. They reminded me of the first day of school when I would come home to my mom's cookies.  Also chocolate chips are very expensive. 1/2 cup for 2 dollars. But.. worth it.
My companion then needed a  blessing so the zone leaders and district leader came over to give her a blessing. After the blessing we told the elders they could take one cookie. They are about to leave when we See Elder Muthoka walking conspicuously away eating one cookie and another 3 in his hand. haha I am going to miss Elder Muthoka so much when he goes home! Which is very soon!
My companion still wasn't feeling well and so at 10:30 at night the Zone leaders had to take us to the hospital and we were there until 1 am. She is feeling better now. We don't really know what is wrong but no it is not malaria or Ebola.
Friday and Saturday:
Went to the area and worked hard! Had some great lessons and some great new investigators. We have been teaching the Banda family and they are super sweet! They understand very well the restoration and they say it feels right. But they didn't come to church because a friend from Mozambique came unexpectedly.
Had a baptism for 4 people from the Elders who took our area. 2 that were getting baptized were our past investigators, Beverly and Sister Nthenda (Br. Nthenda wife who use to be a Muslim). It was super exciting to see them get baptized!
Anyways that all that is happening in Zingwangwa! Mission is going fast and I am continuing to love what I am doing!
-Sister Rasband

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