Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I"ll be sure to dress up like a missionary this Friday for all you Americans!
Well it has been a great week! We are really working hard and finding a lot of new people to teach! Its an exciting time in this area because of the progressing investigators and the upcoming baptisms!
One of the investigators that we have on date for 16th of November is doing very great but is experiencing opposition. Last Sunday after she came home from church, her father yelled at telling her that Saturday is the day of worship and that if she continues to go to church on Sunday he will kick her out of her house.  Her father is fine with us coming to teach her but doesn't what her to go to church. We don't know what do but to pray and just love her. She came to church yesterday and we don't know how that went with the family but just hoping all is well. She knows this is the true church and that the BOM is true and she is super powerful!  Keep her in your prayers!
 We had a total of 7 investigators at church though yesterday!! We were so happy to see them all even though we could only count 3 because the rest didn't attend sacrament meeting. Africans and time... its a problem. We are very happy to see some progress even with people we meet just this week!
We also meet a boy named Cwho is very interested in the gospel. He and his uncle whom he lives with are Pentecostals. When we meet him he asked us 2 questions, 1. How come I have accepted Christ as my savior and so have my friends and they can speak in the gift of tongues but I can't? And i can't quite remember the other question but it was about prophets/ and how he hasn't received any revelation. I just loved how honest he was with us! But we meet him Friday afternoon, and invited to him to church and also to institute the next day because he asked if we had any other meetings. BUT HE CAME!! We always got to the church after institute and found him there and a great first lesson with him. But where there is always something great there is opposition. He wasn't able to come to church because his uncle he said won't allow. So frustrating. But keep him in your prayers also!!

Last monday we were talking to our Muslim Landlord and he was asking about what we do and everything and how we don't watch movies or TV. He then asked if we were like nuns. And then he asked us if we (more to me though...) are allowed to go on dates. And we said no. And as we were leaving it then said, "Well when you are done with your mission, I'll be sure to take you out on date!"

Next week we are hoping as sisters to go to a game reserve so I am very excited to see what everyone expects when I said i was going to Africa. ANIMALS. hoping and praying!!
Love you all so much!
1. This is Corney. She is the daughter of the B who i am sure I have talked about before. She is my best friend even though we can't communicate of because of chichewa...
2.This is me with Sister C, the branch presidents wife. She is so fun and even knows Eric Stevens because she lived in Uganda/
3. Me and Joanna because she was wearing that shirt and i just had to take a pic. And i look ridiculous with my glasses but i woke up that morning with my eyes super swollen and i couldn't see.
4. This is today with Sister M a less active in the branch. She is super great though and loves us so much!

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