Monday, October 20, 2014

This week we finally got to watch Conference! So very happy to hear the messages from those who are called of God!
This week we worked hard and in return we were able to have 5 investigators at church! We were very pleased and happy to see our hard work paid off.
I am not really sure there is much to write about. Wednesday was Malawian Mother’s Day, So happy mother’s day to all of you mothers!
We have one couple named the Banda’s who came to church this Sunday. They are really great and we put them on date for 16 of November. They are so cute and fun! We also have Ethel on date and she is continuing to progress! Were really praying and hoping for these 3 baptisms! It feels like after a long drought of progressing investigators we are actually getting somewhere!
Nothing else to report on! Last Monday we got together with the sisters and watched the Women’s Conference and I loved President Uctodorf’s talk. It was just amazing. I just love how he said that these commandments are given to us because Heavenly Father knows these are what makes us happy. He is giving us the light posts to happiness!!! I also love the metaphor he used  about the umbrella. Its up to us if we receive the constant rain of blessing as long as we humble ourselves to follow Gods Commandments.
Love you all so much!

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