Monday, November 10, 2014

“It feels like the perfect day to go knock on every gate, toss a couple of bricks huh huh.” Name the song my Americans. Tribute to this woman for having another album.
But truly I feel like all this week I have knocked on gates and tossed 500 bricks. But its okay cause my arms are arms of steal now.
Tuesday we had a lesson with this guy named Andy. He is super smart and taking the GRE so he can get his masters in economics in USA. But he started off asking 2 questions. I can’t remember the first but then asked “So if someone you are teaching doesn’t want to hear about your church anymore, how do you handle that” We explain that we can’t do anything that’s there will if they want to see us. But then the question came back to him why he asked that. And he goes on to say he agrees with everything we are teaching, nothing is weird, he likes the Book of Mormon, but just isn’t interested. He promised us he would come to church on Sunday, but “after that I would rather that we stop meeting”. We left with our testimony and asked him to simply pray to know if what we are sharing with him is true. He said he won’t do that because he doesn’t see the point. He knows what he believes in is 100% and so if he asks and the answer is yes, he won’t do anything about it. Sooo yup. He came to church, he said he really liked it, but… still doesn’t want to meet with us.
Wednesday we took the whole day doing service with the district for the President of the branch. They are building a new home so we had the opportunity of moving 500 bricks. We first had to get the bricks and take them all down to her house. That took about 2 hours. Then we all stood in a line and tossed the bricks to each other and put them in little squares right next to the house. The next morning I couldn’t move my back or extend my arms. I was soo sore! And these bricks aren’t like American bricks OK? They weigh like 3xs as much as normal bricks. But it was so fun to do this as a district, before 2 of the missionaries left us this past transfer. We were SO sad to see them go!
Ethel is doing great. Continuing to progress! We talked to her mom this week about having the support of the father for her to baptized. She said she will talk to him. Her mom then told us how grateful she is for us because the gospel is changing her life! She use to run away from us when we first started coming but her father would always say “Come in, Ethel is here!” as Ethel is trying to hide in her room. But before we started teaching her she would run away from home, smoked, never helped around the house, and was pregnant. But she has seen the changes since we have been coming and even as missionaries we can see the light radiating from her! THIS GOSPEL CHANGES LIFE'S. I am so grateful to be apart of this work.
Anita is continuing to do amazing. This morning we taught her little sister, Janet, and put her on date for baptism the same day.  Even Janet has been coming to church twice now and we are already starting to see how the gospel is changing her life too! As Anita told us yesterday “She is a naughty teenage girl.”
Love you all so much! Grateful for the example and love you have always set for me!

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