Monday, November 3, 2014

What a grrreeat week it has been!! Investigators are progressing and so excited to be apart of this great community and love that the members of the church bring! I will just tell you a little about 3 of our investigators.
Sister Ethel
She is so great, and was suppose to baptized on 16 of November but because of branch problems she will on 30th of November. :( but she has such a great testimony and is making a lot of changes in her life. We are still working with her family though. Last week she told us how her father won't allow her to come to church, but this week it is now that she can come to church has long as she goes to SDA on Saturday! Its a progresses! She is 19 years old so she doesn't need the permission from her parents to be baptized, but it is something me and my companion really have been wanting and praying for. So maybe the change to the 30th is for the best to get her family's support.
Anita and her family!
We meet her through Ethel. She is so great. She hasn't missed church yet and even came to the women's activity in Blantyre on Saturday. She is making a lot of friends, and even in Relief Society yesterday when they were talking about visiting teaching, she raises her hands and says she wants to be apart of visiting teaching  and to visit others!!! She is just wayyy to great! She is on date for December 7th.  She has 2 children Angela and Prince, and although we have mainly been focusing on Anita we want the whole family to be baptized at the same time. It is just hard because younger children don't know English too well.
Lastly is Sister A N. 
If you knew how much I loved this girl you wouldn't understand at all. Because she speaks no English. So i can't even communicate to her. But she has been coming to church for a long time because her mom is a member. She is about 30 ish?  But she is always so happy and excited to see us. I have never seen her without a smile. I just wish i could communicate with her more!! It makes me so sad!! But we put her on date for December 7th as well and we hope she makes it. The only reason she wouldn't would be because of us and not getting a translator because she also understands slowly. We haven't even finished the first lesson yet!
Anyways that is our main progressing investigators. We though we had the B family, but as we planned to go and pick them up for church they already left for their old church. Super frustrating and we don't want to lose them!!
So just some updates from the week:
Saturday when we were at the women's activity at the church, someone stole our phone. We have been phoneless since and it is really hard! But just they day before, we were at the market buying potatoes when a boy ran up to us saying someone had opened my backpack and stole 1000 kwacha and gave us back the kwacha. Market 1 Blantyre Chapel 0.
Today we hiked Soche Mountain as a district! It was so fun, but man am i out of shape! Its been to long since I've hiked the beautiful mountains of Utah!!


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