Monday, December 15, 2014

It has been a great week!!! Worked hard, and was able to see the little miracles all throughout the week.  I can't remember a lot that happened but yesterday we had 4 great investigators come to church. One is Lenard, and we didn't even see him this week, but Saturday night I was telling Sister Falco to call Lenard and remind him of church. And then miracle! He said to meet at the market and walk to church together! Amazing.
Then we get to church like at 8:45 and their sitting the "chapel" is another investigator Br Bitto. There he is sitting all alone, because he was the first person to show up to church. Even before the other missionaries!
Lastly is James who had a baptismal date. Well I have never met James, because they were giving him a break, but randomly he came. I can just tell that we were blessed for the hard work we are doing in our area. It is still hard to define the line, between people having their agency, and doing all you can for their progression. 
Lilongwe is an amazing place, with amazing people. Today Sister Orr, a sister I was living with, was going home. And seeing her go home and saying goodbye, makes me terrified for that in 11 months. I know its a long ways away, but I will be just like her, in that I will be terrified to go home, and so sad to say goodbye to everyone I love. Its hard to imagine life not in mission.
I do have a request to all the RM's out there. I want to hear stories about your missions. Whether they be about area, companions, miracles, hard times, funny times, whatever. I just want to hear stories about your experience! Missions are amazing!
Love you all! Have a good Christmas!
Sister Rasband

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