Monday, December 29, 2014

Pepani unto!!  (Sorry people) I didn't have time to write last week but i will make this one good.
Last week was good and hard. Tuesday, the 16th, was a roller coaster of emotions. After district meeting everyone we had planned to see canceled on us and so for the rest of the day we tracted. Knocking on gates all day in one of the hottest day on mission. And no one was letting us in. Literally knocked on maybe 30 gates all day. I honestly don't know how I had made it through that day, my heart was continually praying for strength to make it one more door. With an hour to go before we went home, we knocked on one more gate, and miracle the woman let us in. And she offered a nice cool drink. And then the real miracle of the day, we started teaching the restoration, and they were so into it. Man the spirit was amazing. Her daughter joined us and during the lesson she was saying how church doesn't save you but your relationship does. And also that today was the first time she prayed in 2 months. Coincidence we show up at her house, I think NOT. I can't remember everything that was said but man you could just tell that we were suppose to meet this family. And as the daughter drove us home she said "I guess I've never thought about doing that, praying to know which church I should go to. I need to do that" Amazing. Sadly we haven't been able to see them yet because they were gone for Christmas, but we can't wait for them to come back!
We have 2 investigators on date for Jan 18, and I am pretty sure they will both make it. Br Beeto, and Isaiah Banda from Mtsiliza, the village of our area. It is super frustrating though cause we get no one baptized from area 47, the rich area and that is what will help establish the church here. We are suppose to focus our attention on the rich area, but our progressing investigators will come from the poor area. Super frustrating. Isaiah Banda is another miracle. He randomly shows up to church after being contacted by some elders 1-2 years ago. And after just the first Sunday, he knows this where he is suppose to be.
The mission Christmas party was so great! All the Lilongwe missionaries traveled down to Blantyre. We had a Christmas white elephant gift exchange, watched the Christmas Carol and ate a really good meal!
The next morning we had a devotion about the Sacrament, and how important this ordinance is. It was an amazing experience the elders blessed and passed the Sacrament in the chapel to remember him. The Sacrament is truly an amazing thing we get to partake of every week. That as we partake worthily we can be clean once again, and we are promised the spirit. Read the two talks that were given in the last general conference about the sacrament. They are amazing! By Elder Hamula and a Sister but I can't remember her name.
Christmas was good. Nothing too different from other mission days.
Saturday was one of my favorite days on my mission. We spent our day in Mtsiliza. At around 2:30 we saw the scary clouds rolling in and the start sprinkling. And then all of a sudden it was like Satan was being released.  We ran into the Chimtengo's (members) home while we watched the rain poured, strong wind and a big lighting storm right outside their home. It was crazy. After it finally stopped, we had to go. As we were walking to the sister's car, the streets (all dirt streets), were completely filled with water. At one point we we had to walk in muddy water as high as my mid calf. Haven't seen anything like that before. And then we headed to the Backman's for a Christmas dinner for all the missionaries in Lilongwe. Br Backman is from Provo and Sis Backman is from Ghana and now they live here in Malawi. Anyways they feed us a huge feast. Huge. And their were ribs. I was in heaven. Man I miss ribs so much! But they are so nice to make us this huge meal.
Yesterday, Sunday was another day of miracles. After Church we went to this one family's home that we were about to drop. But the night before they read the Book of Mormon as a family. Like WHAT.  We were so happy! The dad had a lot of questions about the phrase "this is the most correct book on earth" and how we put this higher than the Bible. But man, they read and he said they will continue to read!
And then we went to Nathan's  (a member) home. We had taught their family before but nothing was resulting from it. So we just decided to stop trying and continue to teach Nathan since he is a Recent Convert. And our plan was just to read the BOM with him. And then randomly Amai (mom) goes, what is so great about this Book of Mormon anyways. So we talk about it and how it has blessed our lives, testify of everything. And then she says "Nathan I want to read then every night. I want to know more about it. Will you help me" Crazy. When you stop teaching her is when she gets interested.  Miracles.

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