Monday, December 8, 2014

Thought I'd include a little of President Erickson's letter he sent to the missionaries about the growth in the area:

We have an application being reviewed for a new stake in Lusaka. I expect this will be announced when we know who will be coming to create the stake (perhaps one of the Twelve). We have an application in to create a Lilongwe district and I expect an additional branch there in the next few months. Blantyre continues to grow and we expect to create new branches there soon.
As a mission, we are growing the number of new converts with approximately 12-14 baptisms per week. That's somewhere around 650-700 people per year or a a good size district each year. Malawi is the fastest growing country in the Africa Southeast Area.

Fun to hear the progress!

Another great week in beautiful Lilongwe! I am continuing to love this place and loving the people, and I am looking forward to getting to know the people better, the area, and everything around it.
This 3-some isn’t as bad some people complain about 3-somes. We all teach very well in unity but I don’t like it when we are contacting though because it does feel very overwhelming. But Sister Falco will be leaving next Monday to a different area in Lilongwe, so I happy we will still be living with her.  We have had a lot of fun together!  We are so alike it is nice and always laughing and working hard. Those two things put together honestly make mission so great! I have learned so much from her!  Starting this week, I will finish training Sister Muthengi, who Sister Falco has been training. I am terrified about it. I don’t know how to train! But I just pray I will do what Heavenly Father  wants me to do and lead by example, cause I don’t know how to tell someone what to do or what they need to work on.
Wednesday we had exchanges so Sister Falco and I went with Sister Quaye (my MTC companion) in her area. It was so fun all of us being together again mainly, because we all saw what we were like in the MTC and how much each of us have grown, and how we have become better teachers and missionaries. Amazing how  much we have all grown in 6 months. I am so grateful to have Sister Quaye and Sister Falco as my STLs. They are such great fun, happy, obedient missionaries and I learn a lot from both of them.
Saturday we had the opportunity to have Elder Mdleshe ( I don’t know if that is right) from the Seventy meet with all the adult members in Lilongwe.  We spent 2 hours talking and answering questions about 3 talks they gave to each of the members.We actually did this in Blantyre about 1 month ago too so I got to have it twice! And Elder Mdleshe even remembered me.  #Honored. But they talk a lot about the gospel culture vs the African Culture. Mainly about Lobola (bride price) and how that goes against the gospel culture. But the subject then got on to about how we still need money to have weddings and get married. Then Sister Stones, a senior couple here who is like 4 feet tall, gets up and starts saying You don’t need money to get married. She said “If you say you need money before you can get married, Well…. THAT’S BULL”.  Everyone just died. President and Sister Erickson were finished and so was Elder Mdleche. Enough said!
We also had Zone Conf. and talked about how we should expect miracles in our mission life. But also that we need to notice them. Miracles are around us all the time.  We should pray to notice them. As always I loved Zone Conf.
The next day, Sunday, Sister Thomas who was baptized last week, got the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is so cute. Even though we can’t communicate I love how she always comes to church by herself on time and  is so happy.
Sunday we were stuck having no idea what to do, no one to teach, and also starving. But it was a day full of Miracles. Finding many Sisters who are interested in the gospel, being happy, and my favorite, as we were getting a kabadza to go home (a bicycle with a cushy seat on the back for us to sit on), I get on, and half way home I noticed my kabadza master had a Seattle Seahawks Shirt on. Miracle. And I knew that meant they won today.
Anyways Love you all!  Enjoy the cold! I'm dying in the heat. Still. 
Pictures are of the adult meeting with Elder Mdleshe (Sister Rasband and Falco are easy to spot)  and Zone conference.

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