Monday, January 19, 2015

As I am sure many of you heard, Malawi has hit “Disaster Status”.
First off, don’t worry about me, I am fine, Lilongwe is fine, in fact
there is no flooding here in Lilongwe. It is only affecting us here in
Lilongwe by having no electricity all the time. Like none. Grateful
that the flat I live in was given a generator, because I'm pretty sure
no other flat in the mission has a generator. Without this generator…
man I would be starving.
But I have been sent the pictures from a senior couple who served
in my old branch, Zingwangwa, my heart completely breaks. The Nthenda
Family (one of my baptisms in my old area) house was completely destroyed.
Gone. The Mackawas who were also baptized this last year, maybe
August, destroyed. And many other homes destroyed. Zingwangwa was hit the
worst in Blantyre and I just wish I could go back help everyone that I
loved there. Please keep Zingwangwa Branch in your prayers.
This past week has been great here in Lilongwe Branch. Isaiah
and Br Bitto were baptized yesterday, and I know that they are going
to do wonders!! Isaiah has a strong desire to serve a mission in a
year and doesn’t want anything/Satan to get in the way. They were
both so excited yesterday as they were able to make that covenant
with their Heavenly Father.  Even on Saturday when we saw Br Bitto, he
was so excited and had us write down his testimony so he wouldn’t mess
up. “Such good people!”
Wednesday I was able to go on an exchange with Sister Falco and it was
so great! As we were driving in the village part of my area, it was
raining super hard, so a little bit of flooding, but Sister Falco and
I were able to get some good video that I can’t wait for you to see so
you can get a better idea of my area!
Saturday, we got the chance to have interviews with President
Erickson.  I always look forward to seeing him and I loved the counsel
he gave me.  He talked about how a lot of missionaries have been
trying to consecrate their all as missionaries. And how cool of us
that at this time in our lives with get to have 1.5-2 years to set
aside all of our lives and just focus on others and the Savior. As
mission president he is suppose to still care about his family, and
worry about them, but this very short time in our lives we get to just
focus on the Savior, and how cool is that.  I hope for the next 10ish
months I devote all my time and attention to serving the Lord. I love
being a missionary. I love loving everyone I meet, and seeing them a
little like Heavenly Father sees his children. I love learning
more about my Savior and giving my time to Him at this time here in
Love you all!
Also I know that I just said to devote all my time and attention to my
mission, but…. #GOHAWKS

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