Monday, March 16, 2015

This week was like any other week. We Find. We teach. We baptize. Except for that last part.
Hannah and Irene and still doing well and progressing to their date on April 5th. And we have 2 other potential, Lungu and Ruth, who will hopefully be baptized in April as well. We have been blessed with such good investigators. They are so great and have a desire to know if these things are true. Even Ruth, we gave her a Book of Mormon on Tuesday and committed her to read the Introduction. We went back yesterday and she had read to 1 Nephi 14. That's a first on my mission.
We are teaching this one very sweet lady. She owns a shop in our area and she came to church after we randomly invited her to come.So we started teaching her. In our first lesson we were just talking about something religious... I don't really remember but all of a sudden she started breaking down and crying. She has been going through a lot and the spirit in that lesson was super strong. I know for a fact we were suppose to meet her and to help her out at this time in life. Listening to her I realized how so many people we see everyday especially as missionaries, and yet we have no idea what is behind the scenes. Everyone is having a brave face, all is well, but yet everyone has something bothering them, something that is hard or something in the past that has put them in the situation where they are now.  The atonement is real. If only everyone could understand how we feel about our Savior Jesus Christ. Most people here know Christ and know that he died for us, but they don't understand how the atonement can change our old ways and repent, but also to help us overcome life, overcome the feelings we have, overcome any trial.
 And that is why I am here in Africa away from all of you and from the good food, because people must understand who Jesus Christ is and what he has done for you and me. I'm truly grateful for our Savior. He knows and loves each one of us and is helping us to become like Him. He understands what you are feeling and is ready to help if we just use the Atonement.
Love you all!

 The pictures today are of Anna's mode of transportation. They are taxis called kapadzas, she and her companion each get on one to take them to their area.

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