Monday, April 27, 2015

All is well now! I have a companion and she is super sweet!
Her name is Sister Aidoo from Ghana. She loves to teach and loves learning. I am grateful to be with her and I know we will do wonders in this area!
I still thought last week she wasn't going to come.

Monday the Zone Leaders text us saying probably she will come Wednesday. And then Tuesday night comes and I have no idea if she is coming. They finally call and saying she will arrive Thursday at 12. So then Thursday 2 pm comes around and she is still not here. They were at the airport waiting for her but my mind kept thinking that she didn't even get on the flight, they wouldn't allow her to come and all this stuff. BUT FINALLY she arrived at our flat at 4pm. Thank goodness!
This weekend we were able to watch conference and it was so good! I can't wait to have the Ensign so I can study each of them. We truly are blessed to be guided by Prophets and Apostles. 
As I got to go back to my area full time, it felt a little like we were white washing the area. So we did a lot of tracting and found some very sweet people who we are excited to teach!
Love you all!


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