Monday, April 6, 2015

Only in the Great Zambia Lusaka Mission...
Do I have to wake up at 5 am 3 mornings in a row

Do I get to be companion-less for a week
and the power goes out every night while we are cooking food.
With transfers, Sister Muthengi and 4 elders were suppose to leave Tuesday morning to Zambia. So all of us woke up around 5 and left at 5:40 to get to the airport, and then get there to find out that the flight is canceled. So we all got back into the cars and arrived home around 7:30. But it actually was good! Sister Muthengi and I were able to go back to our area. We had no plans but found some sweet people! It was like a miracle day, everyone was at their homes!
So Wednesday morning we tried again and luckily the plane was ready to go!
I spent the day with Sister Falco and Sister Quaye in their area, thinking I will be in my area tomorrow.
Wednesday night a girl from one of the branches in Lilongwe was going on a mission and got set apart. So she spent the night with us before her 6 am flight left to Johannesburg. Since she slept in my room, I was up at 4 am.
Thursday my companion was suppose to arrive at our flat around 12:30ish. At 2:30, instead of a knock at the door, we got a call from the Zone Leaders, "Well your companion isn't coming. She is having visa problems so they will try again next week." 
So I got to be with the Sisters for the rest of the week until right now. Yesterday was a crazy day. We first headed to their branch and had a couple people interviewed for baptism and then we ran to my branch for my baptisms. 
Hopefully my companion will come tomorrow though!!
I am jealous that you have all listened to conference. Soon I will be able to hear the wonderful talks from inspired apostles.


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