Monday, April 20, 2015

This week was just like last week. Still companionless. Haha but it is
all okay and hopefully she will come this week ( I know I said this
for the last 3 weeks).
Lungu was baptized yesterday.  It was my first baptism where I got a
little bit emotional. Lungu like I have said is such a humble guy who
was just ready to accept the gospel. It was all the spirit that got
him ready and I am just happy to have seen his baptism. As he was
bearing his testimony he said “ I’m 50 years old and have never been
baptized, I had never fully accept Jesus Christ as my savior…. I
promise to live the Word of Wisdom, I promise to live the Law of
Chastity, I promise to keep the Sabbath day Holy, and I promise to pay
a full teeth (he doesn’t know how to say tithe). I am grateful for
Joseph Smith and that he restored the Church of Jesus Christ”. I
couldn’t help myself just have a huge smile to see this great guy make
a covenant with Heavenly Father, and when he couldn’t say tithe and he
laughed at himself.
Other than that this week was normal as ever.  We met a sweet woman in
my area who we committed to be baptized.
If there is one thing I have gained a huge testimony of on my mission,
its priesthood blessings.  It has helped me on my mission where I
wasn’t sure I could go anymore, and then this past week I was able to
watch another priesthood blessing bless another person. I am truly
grateful for the priesthood, and that I am able to have it in my life.
Heavenly Father is truly able to work through some of his servants to
bless other and I am so grateful for it.
One last funny thing for you.  We were teaching the sisters recent
convert and talking about the Book of Mormon and where it was written.
We talked about how some of it was probably written Central America.
And then their RC was dumbfounded that  America was 2 continents. And
then he uses the world map and pointing to North and South America
says “So Obama is running all of this area right??”
I about DIED as I explained to him that no, he is president over this
area (as I showed him where the U.S was).
This weekend we get to listen to conference and I cannot wait! Hope
you all have a good week!

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