Thursday, April 2, 2015

Yesterday was easily one of the coolest days on my mission. Lilongwe has 4 branches and then became a district. The place was packed and when President Erickson was conducting he said that a foreigner would think that we were creating a stake. There were so many people there and it was so cool! I can't really expressed how great it was, just that all of the hard work from missionaries and members we are finally able to be led and guided by a district. 
All in all a pretty normal week. Irene and Hannah will be baptized this Sunday, and Lungu continues to progress. He loved the conference.

This week I will be receiving a new companion from Ghana to train. I am excited to meet her and to have 2 sisters from Ghana in our flat... the only people from Ghana in the mission.

Anna didn't write much but she did send home lots of pictures this week. The first one is Sister Quaye, Anna, and Sister Falco celebrating 10 months on the mission. The gentlemen she is pictured with was her branch president but was called yesterday as the new district president. The next one is she and her companion, Sister Muthengi. Her companion is being transferred to Zambia today and she gets a new companion on Thursday. And the last picture is of the conference Anna wrote about it. This is what President Erickson said of the meeting, "We had a wonderful day today as we created the Lilongwe Malawi District this morning. We have 4 branches and one group in the district and expect to add two more branches by the end of the year. We had 428+/- in attendance at the Golden Peacock conference center. For a few minutes today, it felt like one of the more sacred spots on earth"

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