Monday, May 18, 2015

I don't  have to much  to say for this week but it was good! Yesterday all of our appointments fell through so we tracted and found so many new people!!! Truly a miracle. Just when I was frustrated with no appointments and having to tract, the Lord blessed us.
We  have about 4 people on date right now. 2 for May 31 and 2 for June 21

James: He is Isaiah's best friend and is super ready to be baptized. This last week we taught him the Law of Chastity and poor guy he felt so guilty. Repentance is a process :)
Shenaz: I have been teaching her since November and for awhile we dropped her because she stopped progressing. But we went and saw her the last day with Sister Muthengi to say good bye and just kept seeing her after that. She is coming to church and knows the church is true!
Rachel: Isaiah's sister. She is super sweet and has been coming to church for a long time we just can't see her because she works so we now see her after church on Sunday. She was suppose to be baptized on the 31st but we can't teach everything in time so we had to push it back a little.
Sis Kapatamoyo: She was actually suppose to be baptized back in December before her son went on his mission to Uganda. But some things came up and  it didn't work and for awhile she stopped  coming to church. She is now coming consistently and so we are teaching her and preparing her for the 21st as well.
Well  that is all I have. I love you all so much and have a good week!
Sister Rasband
Anna said this about the pictures are:
we are just doing service for the lunguzi's by taking off the maize off of the cob so that they can take it to a maize mill to make into flour
practicing being African moms
the other pics is the bridge to the market and you have to pay 20 kwacha to go on it... scariest thing ever... 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hi! Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there!
This week was just like any other week with not much news.
Wednesday, my birthday, I made  sure to tell no one it was my birthday because I knew it would mean having to eat meal after meal of nsima. But I got a cake from the Stones, and a package from home, so I couldn't be happier!
I don't have much to say but I will share something from a couple weeks ago. Lungu was able to receive the holy ghost from one of the missionaries. And the blessing was incredible becaue I knew it was exactly for Lungu, not another child of God, but for him. Everything that was said was what I know he needed to hear. Lungu always has been nervous about prayers and uncomfortable with it. The first thing that was said was to continue praying to your Heavenly Father, and from that your relationship will grow. And many more things continued to follow that I know were for him. The priesthood is real. I have been studying it a lot lately and it is so incredible that we have that same priesthood power of Jesus Christ back on the earth. That the other keys of the priesthood power have all been restored back through Joseph Smith. I am grateful for those who hold the priesthood and are given the lord's promise that "Whomsoever you bless I will bless".
Love you all and thanks for all the birthday wishes!
Sister Rasband

Monday, May 4, 2015

The area is going well. We are doing some finding and a lot of service. We have two on date that are referrals from a powerful recent convert, Isaiah.  Not any progressing from our wealthy area but that is where we still focus our time on.
We taught this father this last week about the Restoration and after we asked how he felt about our message. And then what he said was one of the coolest statements I've heard an investigator say. He said "I like your message. I can  tell that it is a lot about Jesus Christ and that it is good. At first when I let you come it was just to be nice, but now that I hear your message I want you to meet with my whole family and I want you to share this with some other people I know. I do want to know if this is true or not. So I need to come to church. Unfortunately I will be out of town this week but I will come"
I couldn't believe what he said! So Sister Aidoo and I are very excited about him and his family.
This last week I have been working on prayer and recognizing the answers to prayer. One night as we were planning for the next day I was giving the opening prayer while during the prayer I thought about calling this one guy to see. And a lot of times during prayers I always think of what I have to do but I was trying to be still and listen. And so I thought about calling this guy who I just called 5 minutes ago and no answer. I didn't know if it was me thinking or  spirit. Anyways I acted on it and called him. He answered and said he wouldn't be available. And I thought about it a lot. Why did I feel like I should call him when the answer was no. And it made me think about this Mormon message by Elder Holland. He talks about how he and his son got to a fork in the road and didn't know where to go. They felt prompted to go one way and they went down it to find a dead end. They wondered why they felt prompted to got that way and Elder Holland said "Maybe just Heavenly Father just wanted us to know sooner that we were on the right path" And I think that was true with me.  He wanted me to know we couldn't see this man, instead of unsure if we could. And it is also amazing that Heavenly Father cares so much about something so small. I know he is always watching and helping us, but are we recognizing his answers.
This past week we got to do some service as a Zone cleaning up a members garden of maize. We cut down all the dead maize and even played some futbol with some of the kids. Its great to be a missionary!

Sister Rasband 

Pictures are of Anna and her new companion Sister Aidoo. The second one is three of the sister missionaries, the middle one is the Anna's new flat mate Sister Tuai from Salt Lake. And the last one is the futbol game with the local children.