Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi Friends and Family!!
This last week has been good but not anything exciting to write about.
So the highlights:
We have finally hit "Winter" and that means we bring out our "winter
coats" and our "boots" a.k.a a sweater and closed toed shoes instead
of sandals.
I don't know how many times I have heard "Welcome back to Kalambo"
this week from the members. Maybe just one too many times. "Yes I know
I've already served in this area for 3 weeks but obviously the Lord
wants me to do something here"
Sister Tuai is so great!!! She is my first companion that is not from
Africa, except Sister Falco but that was always in threesomes. She is
from Salt Lake City and she is so great! We are always laughing and
having a good time but also working hard! They always go hand in hand!
Now that I am in a middle class area, I hear Sister Lazband more often
than Sister Rasband.
I get to eat zegege twice a week which takes a lot like curly fries
from Arbys so I am happy!
No more kapadzas!!! (bike taxis, she is in a car now)

I had to say goodbye to Sister Quaye Wednesday morning and that was
the hardest goodbye I have had to say on my mission so far. I will see
here in about a month, but it was still very hard. I can't imagine
what it will be like 5 months when I have to say goodbye to her and
many others for the last time! Sister Quaye is one of the best people
I have met on mission and has influenced my life so much!
Mission is great! I know this work is true! I know this gospel is a
gospel of happiness.
Sister Rasband

Monday, June 22, 2015

Time for transfers!!
I am saying goodbye to Lilongwe branch when it is at its highest, and
leaving to a struggling branch. I am transferred to literally the next
area over. So I am still in Lilongwe but different branch called
Kalambo. Its a little sad to leave Lilongwe branch but I am excited
for some change.  On a side note, I already have worked in this area
for 3 weeks when I was in a 3-some waiting for Sister Aidoo to come.
So its like going back to an area I have already served in.
This week Sister Aidoo and I had a goal to teach more about my family books,
which is family history.
We were teaching our recent convert Shenaz when all of a sudden she
got teary. Both of her parents have died when she was in her teenagers
years and has been living with different relatives until she got
married. But she explained to us that she knows her mom has accepted
the gospel. The spirit was so strong as she explained how important
this work is and that she would love to go to the temple to baptisms
for the dead but she is not sure she can. She then asked me when I go
home, would I be willing to do the names for her family. I truly felt
so honored that she would ask me to do it and know that this is one of
the reasons I have been here in Lilongwe. I could feel it in that
lesson that some of her family has accepted the gospel and are just
waiting for the work to be done. I can't wait until I have the
opportunity to go home and go straight to the temple.
Shenaz is such a great woman who will do wonders. I am so grateful for
her love and testimony of the gospel. She has already been sharing it
with friends and family and know that she was prepared.
I am so grateful to be on mission. Although I want to serve in Zambia,
moments like these just reminds me that the Lord places me exactly
where  I need to be. And the Lord wants me back in Kalambo.
Thanks you for all of your prayers and love!
Sister Rasband

Monday, June 15, 2015

I have officially have hit one year in Malawi. Safe to say I am getting Malawian Fever. Malawian fever means my Ls are turning into Rs and visa versa, I talk in first person, for example "Me, I need food" and even at the end of sentence I end with an e or an o so like "Me, I need foodoo" and my he's and she's are getting confused. Maybe its about time to go to Zambia. Transfers are this week, but I still feel as if I will finish my mission here in Lilongwe. We will see!?!
This week we had Zone Conference and it was so good! We mainly focused on how we need to begin with the end in mind. That when we are teaching we should see others with the potential of not only wearing white clothing being baptized, but also wearing white clothing walking in the temple with their families. This is something the church is trying to have our missionaries focus on on their missions, of helping families be together forever. I won't lie, it is very hard for me to see some of them entering the temple. How are these people who have barely enough money for food everyday and don't speak any English suppose to go to the temple? And how am I suppose to have that in mind. 
After zone conference though it really made me feel as if I need to do all I can to help people get there. We talked with one recent convert family about the temple and talked about how they can prepare now for it. We talked about setting a goal of maybe setting aside 10 kwacha a week for the temple. 10 kwacha is equivalent to maybe 1 cent. But just them doing something will allow heavenly help. 
Another thing we talked about was doing the temple work for the dead. There are so many on the other side waiting to have the work done for them. Many of them are directing us missionaries to their families here on earth so they can accept the gospel and that means so can they.
This week has been good as Sister Aidoo and I have been working hard. One day as we were walking to an area to knock on some gates I felt like we should knock on this one gate. We had knocked their gate before but no one was home. A man opens who I though was a guard but then he spoke perfect English. So he asks about our doctrine and we ask if we could come share a message. As we shared a message the spirit was so strong. I was explaining the restoration in a way I have never done before. And he said,  "I have gone to bible college and learned about the priesthood and never knew that it was lost but it makes sense. And I have always wondered why we have so many churches. This all makes sense. I feel so relieved" 
This work is true. That is all I know. haha and a lot more but I know that this work is true and there are many who are helping us on the other side in this work. I am so grateful to be on mission and for the little small miracles we see. 

Picture is from this week's zone conference.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Another very fast week! Each week seems to go faster and faster.
This past week I've had a cold as the weather is turning to "winter". Its almost time to for Africans to start pulling out their parkas, and snow boots.
This week I had my highest number for hours of service, 9 hours. We spent all of those 9 hours taking the maize off of the cob. Because of that my hands are very sore and I have one blister. But its worth it. If there is one thing I love to do on my mission is service projects!
Shenaz was able to receive the Holy Ghost yesterday and as she came back to sit in the congregation, she was wiping away some of her tears. She is so cute and so happy to finally have the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I am now hitting one year in Malawi and it seems crazy to me! Maybe one day I will have the chance to serve in Zambia!
Love you all!
Sister Lazband
P.S. This is how all of the Malawians pronounce my name. I always say "My name is Sister Rasband" and then they look confused so I then say "my name is Sister Lazband" and they always reply ohhh ok.

 Another example of how they switch their r's and l's. This is in the village she goes to.

  Her explanation was: "the owners of the corn made us lunch which was nsima and so I took very little but it still upset my stomach so I laid down for awhile when it was hurting and they took a pic"

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

TIA... this is Africa. Yesterday the internet and the network for phones was out all day for Malawi. I truly felt like I was stranded from the outside world. But because of that we are emailing today!
 This week was a great week! 2 of our investigators were baptized, James and Shenaz. They were both so excited! James was a referral from our Recent Convert, Isaiah, and Shenaz has been a long time investigator of mine.
I started teaching Shenaz in December and she said that when we knocked on her gate she first told the guard to not let us come in, but then as he was walking away she felt like he should let us in. And from there started the 6 months process of getting her into the waters this Sunday. It took her a while to progress and then she did, but then stopped so we stopped seeing her. But then when Sister Aidoo came we went and saw her and she started progressing a lot and ended up to wanting to be baptized! She was so excited and I know she will do wonders! She already started sharing the gospel with her friends. Her husband is Muslim and she has a daughter.
Other than that this week has been good! We did a lot of service for our members and we hope to do more!
Its crazy that I have been on mission for a year now. Its sad to think I don't have much time left, but at the same time I am singing "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me". Hahah.