Monday, June 8, 2015

Another very fast week! Each week seems to go faster and faster.
This past week I've had a cold as the weather is turning to "winter". Its almost time to for Africans to start pulling out their parkas, and snow boots.
This week I had my highest number for hours of service, 9 hours. We spent all of those 9 hours taking the maize off of the cob. Because of that my hands are very sore and I have one blister. But its worth it. If there is one thing I love to do on my mission is service projects!
Shenaz was able to receive the Holy Ghost yesterday and as she came back to sit in the congregation, she was wiping away some of her tears. She is so cute and so happy to finally have the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I am now hitting one year in Malawi and it seems crazy to me! Maybe one day I will have the chance to serve in Zambia!
Love you all!
Sister Lazband
P.S. This is how all of the Malawians pronounce my name. I always say "My name is Sister Rasband" and then they look confused so I then say "my name is Sister Lazband" and they always reply ohhh ok.

 Another example of how they switch their r's and l's. This is in the village she goes to.

  Her explanation was: "the owners of the corn made us lunch which was nsima and so I took very little but it still upset my stomach so I laid down for awhile when it was hurting and they took a pic"

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