Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi Friends and Family!!
This last week has been good but not anything exciting to write about.
So the highlights:
We have finally hit "Winter" and that means we bring out our "winter
coats" and our "boots" a.k.a a sweater and closed toed shoes instead
of sandals.
I don't know how many times I have heard "Welcome back to Kalambo"
this week from the members. Maybe just one too many times. "Yes I know
I've already served in this area for 3 weeks but obviously the Lord
wants me to do something here"
Sister Tuai is so great!!! She is my first companion that is not from
Africa, except Sister Falco but that was always in threesomes. She is
from Salt Lake City and she is so great! We are always laughing and
having a good time but also working hard! They always go hand in hand!
Now that I am in a middle class area, I hear Sister Lazband more often
than Sister Rasband.
I get to eat zegege twice a week which takes a lot like curly fries
from Arbys so I am happy!
No more kapadzas!!! (bike taxis, she is in a car now)

I had to say goodbye to Sister Quaye Wednesday morning and that was
the hardest goodbye I have had to say on my mission so far. I will see
here in about a month, but it was still very hard. I can't imagine
what it will be like 5 months when I have to say goodbye to her and
many others for the last time! Sister Quaye is one of the best people
I have met on mission and has influenced my life so much!
Mission is great! I know this work is true! I know this gospel is a
gospel of happiness.
Sister Rasband

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