Monday, June 15, 2015

I have officially have hit one year in Malawi. Safe to say I am getting Malawian Fever. Malawian fever means my Ls are turning into Rs and visa versa, I talk in first person, for example "Me, I need food" and even at the end of sentence I end with an e or an o so like "Me, I need foodoo" and my he's and she's are getting confused. Maybe its about time to go to Zambia. Transfers are this week, but I still feel as if I will finish my mission here in Lilongwe. We will see!?!
This week we had Zone Conference and it was so good! We mainly focused on how we need to begin with the end in mind. That when we are teaching we should see others with the potential of not only wearing white clothing being baptized, but also wearing white clothing walking in the temple with their families. This is something the church is trying to have our missionaries focus on on their missions, of helping families be together forever. I won't lie, it is very hard for me to see some of them entering the temple. How are these people who have barely enough money for food everyday and don't speak any English suppose to go to the temple? And how am I suppose to have that in mind. 
After zone conference though it really made me feel as if I need to do all I can to help people get there. We talked with one recent convert family about the temple and talked about how they can prepare now for it. We talked about setting a goal of maybe setting aside 10 kwacha a week for the temple. 10 kwacha is equivalent to maybe 1 cent. But just them doing something will allow heavenly help. 
Another thing we talked about was doing the temple work for the dead. There are so many on the other side waiting to have the work done for them. Many of them are directing us missionaries to their families here on earth so they can accept the gospel and that means so can they.
This week has been good as Sister Aidoo and I have been working hard. One day as we were walking to an area to knock on some gates I felt like we should knock on this one gate. We had knocked their gate before but no one was home. A man opens who I though was a guard but then he spoke perfect English. So he asks about our doctrine and we ask if we could come share a message. As we shared a message the spirit was so strong. I was explaining the restoration in a way I have never done before. And he said,  "I have gone to bible college and learned about the priesthood and never knew that it was lost but it makes sense. And I have always wondered why we have so many churches. This all makes sense. I feel so relieved" 
This work is true. That is all I know. haha and a lot more but I know that this work is true and there are many who are helping us on the other side in this work. I am so grateful to be on mission and for the little small miracles we see. 

Picture is from this week's zone conference.

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