Monday, June 22, 2015

Time for transfers!!
I am saying goodbye to Lilongwe branch when it is at its highest, and
leaving to a struggling branch. I am transferred to literally the next
area over. So I am still in Lilongwe but different branch called
Kalambo. Its a little sad to leave Lilongwe branch but I am excited
for some change.  On a side note, I already have worked in this area
for 3 weeks when I was in a 3-some waiting for Sister Aidoo to come.
So its like going back to an area I have already served in.
This week Sister Aidoo and I had a goal to teach more about my family books,
which is family history.
We were teaching our recent convert Shenaz when all of a sudden she
got teary. Both of her parents have died when she was in her teenagers
years and has been living with different relatives until she got
married. But she explained to us that she knows her mom has accepted
the gospel. The spirit was so strong as she explained how important
this work is and that she would love to go to the temple to baptisms
for the dead but she is not sure she can. She then asked me when I go
home, would I be willing to do the names for her family. I truly felt
so honored that she would ask me to do it and know that this is one of
the reasons I have been here in Lilongwe. I could feel it in that
lesson that some of her family has accepted the gospel and are just
waiting for the work to be done. I can't wait until I have the
opportunity to go home and go straight to the temple.
Shenaz is such a great woman who will do wonders. I am so grateful for
her love and testimony of the gospel. She has already been sharing it
with friends and family and know that she was prepared.
I am so grateful to be on mission. Although I want to serve in Zambia,
moments like these just reminds me that the Lord places me exactly
where  I need to be. And the Lord wants me back in Kalambo.
Thanks you for all of your prayers and love!
Sister Rasband

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