Monday, July 20, 2015

Another really good week!
It amazes me almost everyday how happy I am here in Malawi. I have the best area with the best members and investigators. I have the best companion right now who is always making me laugh. I have the best mission in the world. I have a family and friends who love and support me always. I am just so grateful that I get to serve a mission here in the Zambia Lusaka Mission although I haven't even see Zambia. I have learned so much and have grown to love the Malawians that I serve.
Thokozani passed his interview yesterday and will be baptized this Sunday. Sister Tuai and I have been saying how much of a blessing Thokozani is. One of my first days in the area we knock on this one gate, they let us in and then we meet Thokozani. He says "I know you guys. Once I met you guys in Blantyre. I have one of your books. I just saw it this week" We came back the same week committed him to be baptized and he has been ready since. He is one investigator that has just been ready to hear the gospel. The Lord has prepared him and Sister Tuai and I just got to watch him learn and live the gospel. On Saturday as he was saying the closing prayer he said "Help me to follow thy son's footsteps" and we just wanted to cry!
We were suppose to have 2 baptism next Sunday, Thokozani the one above, and also Thokozani from another area. The other Thokozani this week mentioned that after his baptism he will go back to his home village and live there for awhile where there is no church. "oh.... okay well" So we talked about it and Sunday after church we met with him and explained he can't be baptized if he is going home. It was really heartbreaking to tell him no. It really felt like we were denying him the privilege of accepting the gospel.
On Saturday we brought the sisters in Lilongwe to our area and we molded bricks for our recent converts. Turns out I was the best, as I already had experience from doing it a year ago. But we all woke up Sunday morning so sore. 
Love you all so much! ENJOY THE WEDDING!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR BOTH OF YOU!!! I wish I was there more than anything but I know I am exactly where I need to be.

Sister Rasband

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