Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July and Malawian Independence day!!!
This week has been amazing!! Sister Tuai and I are working so hard to find those who are ready to hear the gospel and are truly being lead and guided to many people!
Last week I think I talked about a guy name Thokozani, maybe I didn't but anyways he is so sweet! We taught him on Thursday and we spent some time just following up about him praying about Joseph Smith. He goes "Yeah and I know its true!" What.... so we committed him to be baptized on July 26. He came to church on Sunday and he loved it! And then on Sunday we got the chance to teach his sister and his dad. Miracles are happening everyday!
We also contacted this guy named Solomon 2 weeks ago. My companion called him to see him on Thursday. When we knocked on the gate he comes and I start thinking "who did my companion call for us to see... this is a waste of our time". Turns out not true. We just start getting to know him and sharing a little bit about God when my companion looks to me and all of sudden I'm looking in my bag, pull out the plan of salvation pamphlet, open it up to Jesus Christ suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. And then literally the spirit takes over the lesson as Sister Tuai and I describe to him what he did for us and how he suffered for our mistakes and sins, as well as our trials and temptations. We asked him "How does that make you feel to know Jesus Christ went through all of these things for you?" He pauses for a moment and then says "I'm just amazed. I have no words. I just can't believe he would do that for me". I just wish I could tell you how strong the spirit was in that lesson but there are no words. Throughout the lesson I just had such a feeling of love for this guy I had just met. I felt a small amount of love that God has for him and could understand and feel what Heavenly Father feels for him. After he said that about Jesus Christ he goes " You know I think I need to come to your church. I haven't been to church for a year and a half. But I want to come this week. Where is your church?"
Fast forward to Sunday. That morning we prayed to have 3 people at church. Thokozani, Solomon and another person we had met. Thokozani and the other person, George showed up but Solomon hasn't come. It is 11 and there is just one more hour of church. Sister Tuai and I were super sad that he didn't come but then we get a call from a private number. We answer it and he says he is lost and can't find the church. So we tell him we will meet him somewhere, we sprint/walk 15 minutes to that place and then get back to church 10 minutes before classes end. Prayers were answered. 
Just this morning we went and taught him the restoration and he loved the message. He said that the message means a lot to him and he knows the apostasy is true. We committed him to be baptized August 9th. One thing though that Sister Tuai and I have noticed is how much he has seemed to have changed. Thursday when we met him he just looked depressed and down. But just in these past couple days he has seemed more happy and just at peace. This gospel truly changes lives. It is just one of the best things is seeing the gospel change people and make them happier. I have even seen it since i have been on mission. I am so happy even though I have been so tired this week, I am just incredibly happy. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your prayers and support!

Love, Sister Rasband

1) Fourth of July Captain Morgan pose for her brothers! (not sure that is legal on a mission ;) )
2) Three American girls in Malawi on the 4th in their Red, White and Blue
3) Anna went on exchanges and got to go back to the village. This is Sister Kampoo. She is a less active sister. She has leg issues and can't walk to church but she and Anna have a connection and love each other very much. She doesn't speak English so Isaiah has to translate for them. I have noticed a lot of pictures of this sweet sister.
4) Isaiah and his sisters, recent converts Anna was able to teach
5) Anna mopped a member's house.

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