Monday, August 31, 2015

1. once they decided to cut down a huge tree in the middle of a road. and when we took this pic the guy in the back goes "give me 100 kwacha" haha
2 and 3. african style of drive thrus. hahah no t drive thrus. these are mini shops. you see them everywhere.
love you all!

Monday, August 24, 2015

This week was so good! I can’t really explain a lot of what happened
but we are just seeing the fruits of our hard labor!
This week I went on an exchange with Sister Aidoo my last companion.
She is so great! She loves to sing primary songs (that is usually when
I have to walk out of the room) and laughs a lot. She really is so
great! I love her enthusiasm for the work, it helps me to have that
perspective even if I have been doing it for a longer time.
On Thursday we went to Area 50, which is our poor area and as were
driving there all of a sudden we see a huge group of people and then
we see a lot of gule wamkulus. I don’t know how best to describe what
these people are but they are a tribe and they are called mask dancers in
English. So look up a picture of them. But what they do is go around this
time every year and chase people with things to harm people and they
won’t stop until you give them money. So later in the day as we were
walking towards an appointment, 3 gule wamkulus come to us and try to
get money from us but our branch missionary quickly talked to  them in
chichewa saying “ we are missionaries for the church, we have no money
leave us alone”. Also keep in mind as he was saying this, the
gule wamkulu was holding a brick above his head wanting to hit the
branch missionary.
Don’t worry mom… its not really scary. My companion and I were
laughing about it. Also they looked like they were 14 years old.
Yesterday as we were figuring out our key indicators, my companion and
I were in shock. I don’t know if I have ever had so many come to
church before in my whole mission. And some with lessons taught. We
worked hard. And a lot of it I believe is because of the new time
change. We get to stay out later and teach and it is effecting a lot
of our indicators.
This next week we will have 2 interviews for baptism, Henry and
Joseph, both referrals from members. They are both great and ready to
make a covenant with Heavenly Father. Then we have a couple more who
have a date for Sept 20. Things are happening here in Kalambo and I am
just so happy to  be here.  Hopefully this will be my last area!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Family!!! This week has been amazing!! I don't even know where to begin. I
am just SO grateful to be on mission, and getting to see the gospel change
peoples lives!
MLC  was really good! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed and intimated by all
these powerful elders and sisters but the opportunity to learn from all of
them and from President and Sister Erickson is such a privilege.
During MLC we discussed a talk given by Elder Oaks titled "As He
thinketh in his heart" and it talked a lot about how the world's view on
standards about the family are depleting and how God's standards will never
change. It was so great and even to hear about some of the struggles a lot
of the missionaries have gone through. For all of my mission I just see this
surface of all the missionaries whose focus is going out to preach the
gospel but you would never be able to tell what they are hiding behind. I
wish I could explain myself better on what I was thinking, but just in awe
that God is apart of each of our life's. Each of us have gone through so
many things but yet here we are today sharing the gospel to people in
Malawi and Zambia. Every struggle, every trial has shaped us into who we are
today, but all of us are strong because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am
just so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints and to have the gospel bless my life.
There has also been a change in the mission schedule here. Before the
change our schedule was:
8:00 personal study
9-6 proselyting... and we could come back at 7 if we were teaching
and then do companionship study at night.
Now it is :
8:00 personal study
9:00 companion study
10-7 or 8 we are out proselyting. It will definitely be a change and we are
so excited about it! This means we can teach so many families!! I know in
my old area we couldn't teach many people because they were at work until 6
or 7, but now this opens up so many doors!
also.. Lusaka is amazing... I felt like I was back in the states. On
the drive from the airport to the mission home I was just speechless
looking out the window.
Yesterday was such a good day! I won't lie, at the beginning we were super
frustrated with two of our investigators. They were progressing so well
and the only thing keeping them from baptism is that they have to get
married. But they didn't come to church and we tried to see them at their
house and they weren't there. But then the Lord changed my perspective as
we went to see Matthew a Recent Convert who is about 50 years old. We were
teaching him about Tithing, and he pulls out his slip from the last time he
payed to ask a question. My heart dropped as I looked to see that he payed
100 kwacha for tithing 200 for fast offering and another 100 kwacha for
something else. 100 kwacha is like 20 cents.. if that. When we went to
visit him he was talking about how hungry he was and that he didn't have
food or money to get some lunch. And Matthew being himself was just
laughing about it, not asking for any money at all, and yet he his still
paying the little amount he has towards the church.
The faith and dedication that the saints here in Malawi have is what will
one day build the church. The church in Malawi has a lot of problems, but
it really is the saints like Matthew, who are helping it to grow. Every
Sunday it is just amazing to see all the members walking for at least half
an hour to come to church, because they know how important it is to come.
I love being on a mission. I am just so grateful for everything. I am so

happy to serve in Malawi, to watch them grow in the gospel and to see
their faith grown stronger and stronger. I love you all!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

These past two weeks my companion and I have been working harder than we ever had. And in return we have been having a lot of opposition.
We have been getting some really good referrals from members which is so great!! Won't ever complain about it. And most of them are super solid. They all committed to come to church but then only 1 came to church. Sickness, funerals, and other things are getting in the way from them coming to church. 
Our investigator, Solomon, was suppose to be baptized yesterday but last week as we were teaching him we found out that he was married. 2 days later when we go to fill out his record, we find out that no, they aren't officially married. And then my companion looks at me to break the ice..... "So......"
Since then we started teaching his "wife" Joy and she is really interested. We thought she was faking it just for Solomon but she is super interested. She even came to church yesterday without Solomon! Happy and frustrated at the same time..
Vannessa, Thokozani's niece, has been great and really wants to be baptized, but hasn't come to church since. 
A lot of opposition lately, but it really is just helping my companion and I to grow and become who the Lord wants us to be. I have been studying a lot in Heb 12 about how the Lord chastises us. "happy is the man" who got chastises us. When the Lord gives us trials he gives it to us because he loves us and can see far in the future of who we can become. I am just so grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to be in this area, go through these trials and learn from them!
Love you all so much!
Sister Rasband