Monday, August 10, 2015

These past two weeks my companion and I have been working harder than we ever had. And in return we have been having a lot of opposition.
We have been getting some really good referrals from members which is so great!! Won't ever complain about it. And most of them are super solid. They all committed to come to church but then only 1 came to church. Sickness, funerals, and other things are getting in the way from them coming to church. 
Our investigator, Solomon, was suppose to be baptized yesterday but last week as we were teaching him we found out that he was married. 2 days later when we go to fill out his record, we find out that no, they aren't officially married. And then my companion looks at me to break the ice..... "So......"
Since then we started teaching his "wife" Joy and she is really interested. We thought she was faking it just for Solomon but she is super interested. She even came to church yesterday without Solomon! Happy and frustrated at the same time..
Vannessa, Thokozani's niece, has been great and really wants to be baptized, but hasn't come to church since. 
A lot of opposition lately, but it really is just helping my companion and I to grow and become who the Lord wants us to be. I have been studying a lot in Heb 12 about how the Lord chastises us. "happy is the man" who got chastises us. When the Lord gives us trials he gives it to us because he loves us and can see far in the future of who we can become. I am just so grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to be in this area, go through these trials and learn from them!
Love you all so much!
Sister Rasband

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