Monday, August 24, 2015

This week was so good! I can’t really explain a lot of what happened
but we are just seeing the fruits of our hard labor!
This week I went on an exchange with Sister Aidoo my last companion.
She is so great! She loves to sing primary songs (that is usually when
I have to walk out of the room) and laughs a lot. She really is so
great! I love her enthusiasm for the work, it helps me to have that
perspective even if I have been doing it for a longer time.
On Thursday we went to Area 50, which is our poor area and as were
driving there all of a sudden we see a huge group of people and then
we see a lot of gule wamkulus. I don’t know how best to describe what
these people are but they are a tribe and they are called mask dancers in
English. So look up a picture of them. But what they do is go around this
time every year and chase people with things to harm people and they
won’t stop until you give them money. So later in the day as we were
walking towards an appointment, 3 gule wamkulus come to us and try to
get money from us but our branch missionary quickly talked to  them in
chichewa saying “ we are missionaries for the church, we have no money
leave us alone”. Also keep in mind as he was saying this, the
gule wamkulu was holding a brick above his head wanting to hit the
branch missionary.
Don’t worry mom… its not really scary. My companion and I were
laughing about it. Also they looked like they were 14 years old.
Yesterday as we were figuring out our key indicators, my companion and
I were in shock. I don’t know if I have ever had so many come to
church before in my whole mission. And some with lessons taught. We
worked hard. And a lot of it I believe is because of the new time
change. We get to stay out later and teach and it is effecting a lot
of our indicators.
This next week we will have 2 interviews for baptism, Henry and
Joseph, both referrals from members. They are both great and ready to
make a covenant with Heavenly Father. Then we have a couple more who
have a date for Sept 20. Things are happening here in Kalambo and I am
just so happy to  be here.  Hopefully this will be my last area!

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