Monday, September 21, 2015

Another week gone!!
This week has been crazy. I don’t know where to begin.
Monday, Sis Browning came up to Lilongwe so she could catch a flight to
Lusaka for transfers. So Tuesday morning we take her to the airport at
6 am to find out that the flight was canceled. So we were at the airport
until 9 am trying to rebook her flight keep in mind that I had sweats
on and no name tag. From their we rushed to district meeting and the
Wednesday we had errands to run in the morning like picking up mail
and going to copy a key. Then at 11 we get a text from the Zone
leaders that we have to go pick up the new sister coming to Lilongwe
at the airport at 1. So we finish, eat and rush to the airport. To find
out that after we have to take the sister to the church so she can be
interviewed by President Erickson. So we rush to the church and sat
there for a couple hours. By the time we get her off with her
companions and get the key its is 5. So we go to the area and get 2
lessons in before coming home at 7.
Thursday we get a text from our recent convert who is a fellowshipper
for our investigator Wille. Wille told Barrack, the Recent Convert ,that he knows
the church is true and is ready to be baptized! We were so excited!!
Willie is the one who will lose everything if he joins the church. So he
prayed and got the strongest confirmation that it is true! He went and
told his boss and miracle the boss said it was okay for him to close
the shop on Sunday! Miracle! He is on date for October 4, 2015.
Also on this day we saw one of our new investigators the Kamwana
family! They are so great. We just contacted at their gate and they
were really interested in the Book of Mormon. Usually when we are
there we talk to the dad, but today only the mom was there so
taught her. Right after the opening prayers she says “I
just want to talk for a minute” and then she talks for the next 10
minutes about her past. In 2006 she was sick and was was she said a
"mad person". With that she lost all of her education and knowledge. She
had gone to school and was super smart. But she lost it all. She
lost her English and from 2007 she has been relearning English. She
kept saying “I am nothing, I don’t really feel like god loves me” and
just how grateful she is that we are coming. She lost all of her
confidence and honestly feels like God doesn’t even love her. It was
so hard for her. Sister Tuai and I were just dumbfounded. Her English
was so amazing. We just expressed God’s love
for her and how amazing she is. That was easily one of the best
lessons of my mission and I wish you guys could have felt how strong
the spirit was.
Br. Njobvu was baptized yesterday! That guy is solid! He always tells
my companion and I how it was all the Book of Mormon that helped him
gain his testimony of the true church. It always amazes me how the
Book of Mormon can truly change peoples life's. I know the Book of
Mormon is true and that is how I gained my testimony of everything
else. I love seeing others know how amazing the Book of Mormon is.

Love you all so much!


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