Monday, September 14, 2015

Big news everyone... Sister Aidoo is training so I get to have a granddaughter before I go home! And she is coming to Lilongwe for her first 12 weeks and my last!
Yesterday Henry and Joseph got the gift of the Holy Ghost. I always love seeing their face glowing after.
I've started playing the piano for the branch. I have no idea what I am doing. I mess up a lot. And I started teaching piano to about 7 people and I just am super confused about it. I mean I only took lessons for maybe a year...
Willie our investigator is so powerful. We saw him on Wednesday and after we left his home, my companion and I were just speechless. Willie explains to us that he knows this gospel is true, all of it. But he has a problem. If he were to join the church, he would sacrifice his job and home. He has been hired by a non-religious guy to work at his mini shop and lets him live there as well. His boss wants him to always work on Sunday. If he really wants to do this, he said he will lose all that and the money to take care of his 2 children (his wife died about 3 years ago) and he would have to move back to the refugee camp. But he kept saying its worth it..its worth it to be in the restored church.
We don't know what has really happened yet but Saturday night we called to see if he was coming to church and he said "Maybe, I talked to my boss to see if he could come on Sunday but he said "no"
Then on Sunday, as I was giving a talk, I see him come in with his two sons and I died! That man has a lot of faith, makes me want to be better. 
Heavenly Father has blessed us with such great people to teach, but Satan is truly working on them. It is faithful members and investigators like him that will help the church be established here in Malawi.
Love you all so much!
Sister Rasband

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