Monday, September 7, 2015

Hey Hey!!
I am getting really tired of this writing every week... so I am gonna make it short. Sorry, one day I will tell you everything!
-Where there is opposition there is miracles. When old members of the church are going around our area telling everyone and their chicken (chicken because everyone has pet chickens) that the church is satanic. But we are still baptizing and teaching some amazing people and families. We honestly couldn't be more happy with our investigators right now.
-Yesterday I hit my high of number of investigators at church...12!! Holla.
-Joseph and Henry got baptized yesterday! They were so excited and happy to come into the fold!
-Lungu my recent convert from the Lilongwe Branch has been interviewed for Melchizedek priesthood and should be getting it soon soon!!

Love you all so much! Thanks for everything!

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