Monday, October 26, 2015

Well I am offically starting my last 6 weeks. I don't know how this is
happening. Just the other day i arrived to the South Africa MTC. Time
really is ticking!
This week was really good!
I finished the Doctorine and Covenants and I love it! It is amazing
what all of the pioneers went throught and even Joseph Smith. Reading
it made my testimony grow so much stronger that he is a true prophet
of God and that the lord revealed so many important things for our
salvation. I always think about the scripture "Thine afflictions shall
be for but a small moment.And if thou endure it well, thou shall be
exalted on high" The pioneers of the church in malawi go through many
afficitions but thorugh this scripture we learn that it is all worth
Mike and elizabeth were baptized!!! They are so great! i was so happy
to see elizabeth finally enter the waters of baptism after knowing her
for year. If we continue to pray for those who either don't accept the
gospel or fall away, i know that one day they will. Elizabeth is a
testament to that! Don't stop praying!
We watched General Conference finally! It was so good! I loved Elder
Hales talk and Elder Lawrence about personal council/what lack I yet.
We are all trying to progresss and we need to have a council with
ourselves on what do i need to do to change or be better. I also
learned to love everyone! I don't remember who said it but that we
need to see everyone like how their parents see them. or even how
Heavenly Father sees them.
We had a couple funny experiences this week..a Recent convert of ours
wife turn from amayi  (mom) to pastor. So now we can no longer go
teach our RC because pastor L will start preaching to us. The longest
1 1/2 hour  of my week.
Transfers came and Sister Tuai and I are still together in Kalambo
branch. I am so happy! I am so happy to finish here and with sister
Love you all soo so much!

Monday, October 12, 2015

-I had my last zone conference this week! It was so good! I came home from the conference so sad knowing it was my last and I don't get opportunities to be taught from on high like that anymore. Missions are amazing! Never again will I get to reopen the book called Mission and relive it. Sis Tuai and I presented on Planning Effectively and it turned out really well! A lot of it was the Stones (senior couple) testifying about referrals and with referrals we won't have the question "well what do we do next". In the mission we are trying to do a no tracting November. It was all about working smart and not tracting because it is so useless. I am so excited and think that it will change the mission soo much! 
-Zikani, one of our investigators told us this week that she got answer that the church is true! For the longest time we have been teaching her and her cousin Leslie. Leslie was so excited to learn and Zikani was super hesitant about it. She never wanted to come to the lessons, church, and didn't want to leave her church. But after building a good relationship with her we invited her to pray. 4 weeks later... this week she tells us she knows it is true and she ready to be baptized. Now we are just waiting for Leslie to come back from visiting family so they can be baptized together!
Love you all so much!!!

Pictures are of Anna with the sisters in her zone, Zikani and Anna, and the chicken from last week's letter!

Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference was soooo good!!! oh wait... 3 more weeks until I know!
This week was good! It is gonna be a short email...
1. Willy got baptized! Holler at him! He was so ready and prepared for the gospel. I am just lucky that I got to watch his progress. Now we are working on teaching his 10 year old son.
2. I got to go on an exchange with Sis. Mukweya in my old area. Sis Mukweya is 3 weeks new on a mission but it was so good to be with someone just starting. I felt like that was just yesterday for me going on my first exchange with the stls, and now it has switched. She is doing good and man I miss my old area.
3. A member from my old area got me a chicken! We had made a deal like 3 months ago that if she doesn't come to church she owes me a chicken. So Friday Sister Zohner comes to the window of the truck with a live chicken. We brought it home, killed it, and then ate it. Also Sister Aidoo saved the head and said she will eat it later. (No, pictures of this event but she says she will send them next week. Their guard actually killed it for them!)
4. Another funeral. This was the son of our investigator getting baptized in 2 weeks. It was actually really hard to see her and the rest of the family go through it. If you remember the name it was the Lunguzi. They have been a member family that I have been close to for 11 months since I came to Lilongwe.

Pictures are of the new sister she went on exchanges with and a sister from her old area that Anna is very close to. I can't remember her name but Anna has told me of her love for this sister before. The other picture is of the baptism on Saturday of the man who lived above the mini shop that was going to lose his job if he joined the church but his boss had a change of heart and allowed him to close the shop on Sundays.